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She was caught shoplifting at h&m this Saturday. They didn't cuffed her or nothing. My friend was nervous . They have her info.

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This will be in her record? Will She be able to get a job in a store? How this works? What will be the procedures? She wants her background to be clean.

If they assumed to sue her, they will send a mail to go a court? Or would they tell her that day?

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    Based solely on the information you have given she was not arrested and will not have to go to court. Beware, however, of paying the store what it might call a fine or a civil demand. If you pay you go into the National Retailers Data Base which will prevent your ever getting a job in retail.

  2. Did the police show up? Was she processed? Did H&!M just take care of it internally? More information is needed to help you with your question.

  3. It does not appear that she was arrested. Yet. It is possible the matter could be forwarded to the police for an investigation. You should contact a local attorney.

  4. She wasn't arrested so her ability to get a job in a store won't be affected except for the store that she was caught shoplifting in. It might be a good idea for her to stay out of the store for good.

  5. If you are not arrested you will probably not be. You can usually ignore the letter from the lawyers demanding the civil fine and if you pay it there will be a record of that. The real issue is that people who shoplift are very bad decision makers and usually young people who act on impulse without considering the consequences so they must be taught morals if not sophistication and get a good education before it is too late. That takes thousands of hours of hard work and study and that is why most people never bother to acquire that knowledge and those language, career, and people skills. For the rest of their life they make poor decisions and do not become successful as they lack the skills and knowledge to become successful. That is the "problem" not the shoplifting.

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