Sexual harassment while on business trip.

Asked 6 months ago - Las Vegas, NV


I was recently in Las Vegas with my company producing a conference. A business partner called my phone and began asking me to come to his room and take a baths with him. When I told my supervisor she said, "You probably were leading him on." I've never been so insulted!

Today the company lawyer was brought in to discuss the matter. I felt like it was an interrogation of me. They wanted to know times and places. I didn't have an attorney and I know that the partner and my supervisor have been communicating about this.

What should I do? The events happened in Las Vegas. We are based in another state. I can't afford an attorney on my salary!

Please help!

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  1. Gretchen E Birkheimer


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    Answered . It is not unreasonable for the company to respond to your complaint by asking you for details about times and places, especially if the business partner has behaved inappropriately on more than one occasion. This shows they are at least taking your complaint seriously. If other people continue to suggest you were leading him on or "asking for it," though, I would consult with a local attorney. You can search Avvo for an employment law specialist in the state that you work in, who can advise you what particular laws apply to your situation and help you evaluate whether you have a solid case under state or federal harassment laws and whether the company's response is sufficient to address it.

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  2. Golnar Sargeant

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    Answered . Use the "find a lawyer" tool on AVVO to find a local plaintiff employment lawyer. Most give free consultations, and will take the case on contingency if they want to represent you. The lawyer should be in any meeting with you. Act fast.

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  3. Michael David Early


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    Answered . I agree with my colleagues that you should find a local employment law attorney. You should also be keeping notes yourself of dates and times, not only of the business partner's inappropriate behavior, but also of comments from your supervisor and the company's investigation. If what you have described is the sum total of what has occurred, and the business partner is at the same level in the company as you, then it is unlikely that you can do much more at this point. However, you do want to talk to an attorney and keep notes as I suggested, because you never know whether his conduct will continue or whether the company might respond improperly to this or other incidents in the future.

  4. Kevin Rindler Madison


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    Answered . Without more information it is not possible to give an opinion about this. The best advice would be to set an appointment with an attorney who specializes in employment law and sexual harassment cases. Then after a thorough review of all of the facts, they can give you an opinion as to whether you have a viable claim, and what procedural steps you should take. Many attorneys handle these cases on a contingency percentage fee, taking a percentage of the recovery. In contingency fee arrangements, there are no hourly fees. In some states attorneys do not charge anything for an initial appointment to discuss your case but in others there is a reasonable fee charged to compensate the attorney for their time and advice. I would suggest that you begin your search for an attorney on this Avvo website. There is a tab "Find A Lawyer" on the home page of Avvo at that will help you find a lawyer in this practice area in your locale. Good luck!

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