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Sexual Harassment investigation in the workplace

Idaho |

I just recently found out through a coworker that there is an ongoing investigation at work regarding a female employee that has accused me of sexual harassment. my coworker didn't want to specify but I noticed that there is something fishy going on. I haven't been notified of any complaints being brought against me. what are the legal implications if an employer conducts an investigation behind my back without ever bothering to get the alleged harasser side of the story? I would think that their investigation losses credibility. This is a little bit nerve wracking because I don't know what to expect and i have done nothing wrong. I heard that most employers don't bother to notify you of such complaints, even though it is legally adviced to notify the alleged harasser.


Attorney Answers 1

  1. As I am not licensed in your state, I can only provide you with some general guidance. Why don't you speak to your human resources department or your supervisor and see if you can clear the air. If you are in a union shop, I suggest you speak with your steward.