Sexual Harassment at work: how do I choose the right lawyer?

Asked about 2 years ago - New Orleans, LA

Hi everyone. Based on the evidence that I have given them in my sexual harassment charge of discrimination, the EEOC has recommended that I hire an attorney. I've spent the last month meeting with attorneys, and have it narrowed down to about 3. I think I asked the right questions, and have great instincts... but is there some sort of database I can visit where I can look for myself about each lawyer's past wins and losses, etc?

Also, if three people at the EEOC are recommending that I hire an attorney, based on the evidence they've seen, does that mean my case might be pretty strong? (I forgot to ask them when I was there in person). Thanks for the answers.

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  1. Denise Kingue-Bonnaig

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    Answered . It’s wonderful that you’re being an educated consumer of legal services. In cities that are teeming with lawyers, finding the best lawyer for your particular case can be daunting.

    Even lawyers can have a tough time deciding which lawyers to retain, to represent them in certain matters.

    The EEOC’s recommendation that you find a lawyer does not speak in any way to the merits of your case. The EEOC often recommends that a charging party obtain counsel, because the party’s interests are better represented during the EEOC investigation, and this can make the EEOC’s role in the legal process easier to perform.

    With respect to researching a lawyer’s past wins and losses, keep in mind that most sexual harassment cases are resolved before they go to trial, in light of the sexual harassers not wanting the case to go public.

    Having said that, feel free to ask the prospective lawyers about their wins and losses in the sexual harassment cases that did go to trial, if any.

    You can also visit the courthouses to find out more information about the cases tried by the prospective attorneys.

    Good luck in securing an attorney that you feel comfortable with.

  2. Kevin Rindler Madison


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    Answered . You should certainly look at their past cases but also look at the background, experience, and training. Do they have a grievance history with the State Bar? That can be checked online. Google their name and see what comes up. Are they very active in this area of law? Do they lecture and speak at seminars, and most important, do you feel comfortable with them, trust them, and feel like you have a fighter for your cause? Good Luck!

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  3. George S. Frederick

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    Answered . You should only hire an attorney to represent you in a sexual harassment on a contingency basis. If you have a strong case and competent attorney, he or she will be willing to accept your case on a contingency basis. You should also hire an attorney that you feel comfortable working with. How many wins or losses may seem important, but in reality, one case has nothing to do with the other. The fact is, attorney’s who are mediocre at best, can’t stay in business if they represent clients on a contingency basis; If they are not successful on behalf of their clients, they will not be in business very long.

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