Sevis not updated with previous employer on OPT.If I send the USCIS requested documents with previous employer will that solve?

Opt started in Jan'12, employer A from mar'12-may'12(unpaid intern),from may'12 employer B.I submited Employer A offer letter to school through email instead of online application, unfortunately,dint get I-20 with sevis issue with emplr B.RFE: Employment History till May'12(additional information required to verify you did not have more than 90 days of unemployment during initial grant of OPT).a) Copies of employment agreements or contracts with the employer including start/end date, training mode if any.b) Copies of all diplomas, completion certificates that you received related to training programs identified.c) Copies of company time and attendance records that document your daily tasks in detail.e) Notarized statement from employer verifying the volunteer or unpaid internship

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Alexander Joseph Segal

Alexander Joseph Segal

Immigration Attorney - New York, NY

Talk the DSO, ask them to update SEVIS.

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