Seven hour limit on Depositions

does the seven hour limit on depositions apply to every case? I'm being deposed in an employment defamation suit and I'm wondering if the seven hour limit applies here. From what I've read, it' unclear to me.

Sacramento, CA -

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Frank Wei-Hong Chen

Frank Wei-Hong Chen

Litigation Lawyer - San Marino, CA

No, there are exceptions. As set forth in California Code of Civil Procedure section 2025.290, subdivision (b), the new 7 hour rule promulgated by AB 1875 does not apply to any of the following circumstances:

(1) If the parties have stipulated that this section will not apply to a specific deposition or to the entire proceeding.

(2) To any deposition of a witness designated as an expert pursuant to Sections 2034.210 to 2034.310, inclusive.

(3) To any case designated as complex by the court pursuant to Rule 3.400 of the California Rules of Court, unless a licensed physician attests in a declaration served on the parties that the deponent suffers from an illness or condition that raises substantial medical doubt of survival of the deponent beyond six months, in which case the deposition examination of the witness by all counsel, other than the witness’ counsel of record, shall be limited to two days of no more than seven hours of total testimony each day, or 14 hours of total testimony.

(4) To any case brought by an employee or applicant for employment against an employer for acts or omissions arising out of or relating to the employment relationship.

So it appears your case might qualify under the exception under CCP section 2025.290, subdivision (b)(4).

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Robert Bruce Kopelson

Robert Bruce Kopelson

Personal Injury Lawyer - San Jose, CA

Looks like you fall within an exception. You should talk to your atty about this. It is a brand new law, and so there are no cases yet interpreting it.

Sagi Shaked

Sagi Shaked

Personal Injury Lawyer - Miami, FL

In Florida there are no time limits on depositions so long as the other party is not harassing or repeating same questions.

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