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Separation agreement states that i shall receive an aggregate amount of $1200 twice per month.

Cincinnati, OH |

does this mean i get 1200 per month or 1200 twice a month?

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  1. Aggregate usually means the total of a collection. So you are either going to get many payments that must add up to $1,200 twice a month. Or, more likely, you are will be receiving two payments a month that total $1,200. If you are still uncertain, talk to your attorney. Sounds like the language is a bit confusing. Good luck!

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  2. See my answer to your question in the other posting, I believe you may have accidentally double posted.

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  3. Weird way to word but I read it as a total of $1200 per month. Say $600 on the 15th and 30th of each month for example.

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  4. It sounds like it means you will receive a total of $1200 per month and that you will be receiving this in two $600 payments for the month. The wording is confusing so if you have any doubts, please consult with an attorney. If you have not already signed the agreement yet, you should probably have the wording revised so it is clearer.

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