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Sentenced to 180 days in jail how much time will i serve

Paramount, CA |

I am sentenced to 180 days in jail on half time so they said I will be there for 90 days it is for a felony non violent charge will there be a chance of me getting out early? I am going to be going to the orange county, county jail

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An OC lawyer may be able to give you a better idea but certainly in LA County, you would be unlucky to do more than a few days! I had a client who received the same length of sentence as you and he served 2 days.

But I cannot vouch for the same being true of Orange County.

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In Orange County you will serve the 90 days unless you qualify for community work program.

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Unfortunately, in OC, 1/2 time truly means 1/2 time. Most likely, you are looking at hard 90 days.
Sorry for the bad news.
Raviv Netzah
Netzah & Shem-Tov
(818) 995-4200

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