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Sentenced for reporting court supervision in illinois, 2 UA a month and 50 community service hours

Carol Stream, IL |

I was going to move to florida before I was setenced to reporting court supervision. I had to complete 50 community service hours and do 2 UA's a month for a year. The judge said once I finish my community service and provide clean urine, that she would conside terminating my case so that I could move back to my mothers in Florida. I passed all of the urinalysis and have completed my community service. how likely is it that she will actually terminate the sentence, or at least reduce it to normal court supervision so that I will be able to move?

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    It appears, based on your story, that you've done everything you could to make it happen. Good job. Sometimes clients don't listen and then are surprised when they don't get the result they seek. You've done well and with a little luck, it seems like you might get exactly what you are looking for.
    If you have an attorney, it can be very helpful. If not, talk to the person you report to - often having them present for you in court can make a difference, especially if they feel you've gone above and beyond and have been cooperative and put in effort.
    Best of luck.

  2. There is no way of knowing what a judge will decide. On your next court date, make the request. If you have no new court date, ask your lawyer to file a motion to allow you to return to Florida. If you do not have a lawyer, ask you probation officer how to ask for permission.

  3. If you complete all the conditions the judge laid out then your chances are good.

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