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Sent letters to a judge asking for leniency and extension on classes, his response was No Court Action+ am I going to jail?

Leesburg, FL |

I had a felony turned misdemeanor and was sentenced to a 60 day jail sentence or do 29 weeks of BIP classes and pay $800+ in court fines, I lost my job and went to South Dakota to work the bike rally [missing 6 classes] in order to pay off my bills. I havent paid anything to my court fines because of the lack of income I receive that finances only my child necessities and my rent/utilities. Me, My Pastor and Victim in the case [father of my child] wrote letters to the judge asking for leniency on the fines and extension on my classes. I looked up my case online and it says Judge Response: No Court Action, but Defendants Request has been denied. Its my first offense & I am in Florida. Am I going to Jail? Did he say no court action because hes about to issue a Warrant? Any answer?

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  1. Not yet, it just means the judge denied your request. If you are on probation there may not be much time to extend the class deadline. That class takes forever to complete so hopefully you are already enrolled. Make sure that you complete everything without a financial component.

  2. Sending a letter to the judge will result in nothing because the judge isn't going to just respond to your letter. If you want something done then you need to file a proper motion. The motion must be filed with the clerk of court and a copy provided to the state attorney. Contact the judge's assistant to schedule a hearing.

    The judge may not have much ability to change the "fines" and court costs since most may be outside of the judge's jurisdiction. Set it for a hearing so this can be discussed further in open court.

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  3. A warrant will likely issue once your time has expired for completing the terms. You should prepare yourself to do the 60 days. Or better yet, hire a lawyer to properly request an extension or modification.

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  4. It is hard to say. It could mean that the Court is not taking any action in response to your letter as it is not really a formal motion. The judge could be issuing a warrant or perhaps not doing anything until he gets something saying from the clerk indicating your failure to pay fines or communication from the BIP program that you missed classes. Either way i would get a lawyer to look into it immediately because if you have a suspended sentence and did not complete your conditions you are looking at jail time. Hopefully that is not the case and I hope a Leesburg criminal lawyer will step in to further advise you on your question.

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  5. He put in no court action because he is not extending nor is he ordering a warrant at this time. You should talk to the lawyer you originally had representing you and see what might be done. Starting payments and classes again is better than holing up and hoping it will blow over.

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