Sent in my fix it ticket correction through the mail but court never got it Now I have to pay around $900!

Asked about 2 years ago - Los Angeles, CA

I was pulled over a few months back because my tags were expired. I was issued a “fix it” ticket because I was still waiting for my new registration tags to come in the mail. I went to a local CHP office to have the ticket signed off with proof of registration and then mailed in the signed off ticket to the court thinking I didn’t have to appear in court. However, I got a notice in the mail requesting bail of about $900. Apparently the court never got my mailed in ticket.

I did make a photo copy however and scheduled an arraignment hearing.

Then a few days ago i got a notice saying my drivers license is being suspended in January but my arraignment isn’t scheduled until May. Violations are 40000A1VC, 405095VC, 40508AVC.

This is insane. What can I do…I still have the photo copy of the signed off ticket. Will this matter?

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    Answered . Take your citation to the appropriate court and ask the clerk to put you on calendar. If resolved, you will pay the correction fee and dismissal with be granted. The DMV will be notified by the court. DO NOT WASTE TIME. DO IT TOMORROW. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND A SIX MONTH DELAY IN AN ARRAIGNMENT.

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    Answered . This can be dealt with. You have some proof- do not lose it. Get a date from court clerk or get an attorney to deal with this.

    Andrew Roberts
    (818) 597-0633

  3. Answered . This case will need to be put on calendar to be heard by the traffic commissioner.
    I would recommend hiring an attorney to do so - it will likely save you an enormous amount of time and stress, and be significantly cheaper than the $900 fee due.

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