Seeking traffic ticket defense attorney for ticket issued in West Palm Beach, Florida.

83/65 on I95. Ticket issued by a FHP. My license is clean and "safe driver". I reside in Miami, Florida.

West Palm Beach, FL -

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Dennis Gonzalez Jr.

Dennis Gonzalez Jr.

Criminal Defense Attorney - Miami, FL

Do not pay the ticket out right because if you do you are admitting to guilt and it will reflect as a conviction on your driving record. The next thing to do is to hire a traffic ticket attorney to help you through the process. A traffic attorney can help you avoid going to court, points on your license, and traffic school. If you live in Dade and received the citation in Palm Beach County then hiring a traffic attorney in Palm Beach is probably a good idea and will save you time, money, and mileage.

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M. Todd Miller

M. Todd Miller

Speeding / Traffic Ticket Lawyer - Jefferson City, MO
Answered or contact the Florida Bar Association and they can help.

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