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Seeking local experienced plaintiffs rep against top American Auto Dealer

Chicago, IL |
Filed under: Lawsuits and disputes

I am interested in reviews on Chicago-based plaintiffs attorneys who have the most success against top auto company's in the nation? Are there any legal publications that report high-profile auto industry statistics?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. You are going to provide more detail as to the nature of the dispute. Is it a products liability/injury suit, breach of contract, something else?

    There really aren't any credible publications on who the best lawyers are.

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  2. Try Google. Legal statistics are generally not avaialable. You might be able to get news about various high profile law firms.

  3. What type of case do you want to pursue? Lawyers are fairly specialized, and the best lawyer for suing a dealership over a personal injury issue is going to be different than the best attorney for suing a dealer over fraud relating to a car purchase, for example.

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