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Seeking a modification of Spousal Support

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#4 of our Stipulated Judgement Reads: Respondent shall pay directly to Petitioner Spousal support of $2,000 a month, payable on the 1st of each month commencing May 1,2011. Spousal support payments shall automatically increase to $3,500 per month when Petetioner is required to vacate the family residence. Either party may seek modification of support showing a change of circumstances, for good cause shown, until 60 days after the automatic increase goes into effect. Thereafter, modification will require a showing of a change of circumstances.
I'm still in the home, he has served me a OSC to modify to 0 or $5.50 per month. I have a OSC filed for arrearages of $26,000. What do you think the chance are that the Judge would grant such an order. Ex is a 25year attorney.

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Impossible to answer. Missing information is what is your ex's income.

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Exactly. There needs to be more information.


Too many unanswered questions to give you any direction but if he can make a case that there are changed circumstances (I can think of a hundred ways to do that), then he may get the modification he seeks.

The best advice anyone could give you is: hire a family law attorney to help you. It is an unfair fight--he is a lawyer and you don't have counsel. Under the right facts, you should be able to get attorney's fees.

I don't know why you would file an OSC for arrears? If there is a court order for support and arrears accumulated because of lack of payment, then you don't need another court order. If you are entitled to $3500 in support, then you should be able to find an attorney to assist you. Good luck.

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Maxwell Charles Livingston

Maxwell Charles Livingston


That's true.

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