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Seeking a lawyer in the fullerton, CA area that deals with DUI probation violations

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My son was sentenced to 45 days community service for missing 11 dui classes, which was a mistake in paperwork. He had an excuse for missing 2,which were family funerals. The judge would not listen to his explanation, and the class officials would not back him up with a letter of admittance to their own mistake. He has not completed the 45 days in time because of extensive overtime on his job. He, however has completed his classes. He has to face a judge in 3 days. Can an attorney help him with this? Is he in danger of jail time?

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  1. Yes, an attorney can help you. It is always adviseable to retain a lawyer in criminal cases where jail is a possibility. After all, there will be a lawyer on the other side who's name is "Mr. Prosecutor". From your post it does not appear that this judge will be amenable to such explanations so it would be a great idea to have your lawyer contact the state and/or the probation officer to try and get them to agree to recommend an extension to allow your son to complete the sentence.

  2. Your son is getting in deeper trouble not putting the court obligation first before work - I know, I know ... we all have stories. But the judge isn't gonna give a darn - I would definately get a lawyer down there to help - it shouldn't cost much for one appearance in court - a few hundred dollars.

    Your son is in danger of more time for not doing what was ordered done by a certain date.

    Joshua Dale

  3. An crimminal defense attorney can and will help. Judges tend to listen to defendants or persons on probation when they have an attorney. To avoid incarceration, your son should seek a criminal attorney.

  4. This is a very late answer to your question, but your son certainly should have retained a lawyer as he possibly was facing jail time for the violations.

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