Seeking a competent lawyer who will take this case steming from defamation to the police which lead to civil rights violations.

Asked 10 months ago - Tarpon Springs, FL

Local big wig in small town defames me to police which lead to false arrest, kidnapping, assault, battery, false imprisonment, excessive bail (to ensure I stay overnight), inadequate med. care. Refusal to treat medial conditions, intentional infliction of emotional distress, cruel and unusual punishment, 1st Amendment, 4th Amendment, 5th Amendment, 6th Amendment, and 8th Amendment violations. Released on reduced bail. Case dropped by DA. Dispo. = "NINF". Additionally, I also want to pursue actions against my accuser. The accuser has cash. Fairly bucks up. If you don't mind working for your earnings, rather than being "spoon fed" like most alleged lawyers I have heard from on this site, than by all means contact me. I will be more than happy to fill in the blanks omitted herein.

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    Answered . First, we can't respond to an inquiry for hire on this site - you have to contact specific attorneys. Second, most attorneys are unlikely to respond positively to this approach, which suggests that most of our colleagues are less than useful. Finally, while you may well have a case, giving a laundry list like this again suggests an approach that may be more wishful thinking than calculated, precise application of the law to facts crafted to get you actual positive results.

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  2. Rixon Charles Rafter III

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    Answered . I can guarantee no lawyer will respond to you.

    Your post raises all the red flags that indicate a case and client a lawyer should steer clear of.

    Recommend you meet with a local attorney to discuss the actual facts, not the unsubstantiated accusations, and see if you even have a case.

    FWIW, solicitations like yours violate the terms of use of this site and the community guidelines.

  3. David Herman Hirsch

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    Answered . First of all, unfortunately this forum doesn't really function as a jobs bulletin board, so you may not get much in the way of a response to your post. You will have to take the initiative and contact attorneys to find one to represent you. As the other responses suggest, your post suggests a lot of attitude on your part that may not be the best approach, as far as finding a lawyer to represent you. You might want to carefully consider how you present yourself and your case when consulting with attorneys. In any case, use the Find a Lawyer tab on Avvo to begin your search for attorneys to talk to. Best of luck to you...

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