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Section 513 Post Divorce Decree!

Vernon Hills, IL |
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I'm post divorce decree from May 24, 2001 ,I have a daughter who will be attending college in the fall 2013 and it states in the order under section 513 the non custodial parent is legally responsible to pay for 1/2 of college and expenses and to extend child support payments . In front of a judge today pro-see and my ex is crying poor poor pitiful me and he has no money . The judge ordered mediation and for both of us to fill out a financial affidavit 11.02. Will the judge to rule on and enforce this POS to pay his share for college and expenses? .

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  1. NCP is to pay for 1/2 of college AND extend support payments?!?!? That sounds odd, but . . . a deal is a deal.

    When you say "in front of a judge today pro-see (sic)," I hope it was the NCP who was pro se and not you.

    You should work with an attorney to do this -- you should not try to do this on your own. I suspect that you did not have an attorney when the agreement was created. These types of problems usually manifest themselves in agreements where the parties represented themselves. An experienced attorney probably would have anticipated this conflict and crafted an agreement that would dictate a resolution if not avoid the problem altogether.

    The same way this problem sprouted and developed in your current agreement; the seeds of new, unforeseen problems likely will be sown and watered in your new agreement if you avoid an attorney's assistance. Do everyone -- including yourself -- a favor: work with an attorney.

    Questions? Call -- 312-987-9999 -- for a no-charge, no-obligation, free Matrimonial / Family Law legal consultation.

  2. You should retain an attorney to ensure that your Judgment is enforced. Among other things, you need to conduct discovery to see how "poor" your ex really is. As I said, retain an attorney and make sure your divorce decree is enforced.

  3. These financial matters are not usually sent to mediation in Cook County. Are you joint parenting? What is a POS? You need a lawyer NOW. There is case law that states you cannot get retroactive college expenses. So you better make sure you go after enforcement of the decree now. If you do not hire an attorney you could end up losing a bundle of money.

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  4. I echo the other fine attorneys who have posted. Consult an attorney. Your divorce order is pretty generous to order continued child support payments for a child off in college, but if that is what was agreed to by your ex, he may be stuck with that.

    Child support is set on the income of the payer and it is quite common to complete 11.02's by both sides. It is against the law to file a false financial affidavit and I have seen folks be held in contempt for doing so. Make sure you follow the orders of the Court.

    Good luck.

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