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Schedule F. Do I need to list all accounts on my credit report, or only the debts I want discharged?

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Is there a need to list accounts with a zero balance, whether they are closed or open? Will the discharge of a debt also close the account its attached to? I'm thinking its probably best to leave the satisfactory accounts with a zero balance the way they are. Can I not list them and continue to use them? Or does everything need to be listed, whether or not I want it discharged, reaffirmed, kept open, etc.?

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  1. All of them. Your debts are discharged, anyway, whether you want them to be or not, it's not a choice. You can reaffirm, but that's different.

  2. You must list all creditors you owe money to on the day of your filing. You do not get to choose whether you list a particular debt.

    Most credit card issuers close all accounts (zero balance or not) when they learn of a bankruptcy filing. You should not expect the accounts to remain open.

    I would not advise using any zero balance accounts during the time you are in your case. Excess use of credit is probably part of the reason you are filing bankruptcy. Take advantage of your fresh start by building new habits right away.

  3. Credit reports are not proof that you do or do not owe a debt. They are only reports of what a creditor says is owed at any particular time.

    The law requires you to list all creditors you owe or who claim you owe them. If a creditor says you owe $0 and you know that the balance is $100, list the debt. If the creditor says you owe $0 and you have not used the account and know that the balance is $0, it is not a debt and you don't list it. If the creditor says you owe $2 and you believe you paid off the debt, list the debt & indicate that you dispute the debt.

    Hope this perspective helps!

  4. All creditors who are owed money on the date of the filing of your Voluntary Petition must be listed.

    No attorney/client relationship is formed between the attorney responding to this question and the individual asking the question.

  5. List all creditors you owe money to on the date you file, expect these creditors to cancel your credit cards. As to cards you do not owe money to, they will in all likelihood also cancel.

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  6. There is no need to list accounts with a zero balance on Schedule F. They are not "creditors".

    However, if it has a balance, then it MUST be listed, you cannot pick and choose which creditors you would like to list on the bankruptcy petition.

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