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Santa Clara County, plea deal of 180 day sentence, eligible for 'all program's after 30 days in custody. How much actual time?

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I took a plea deal that included 180 days of jail, with being eligible for all programs after 30 days. I have applied for the EMP program as an alternative to jail in the meantime and my surrender date is next month. My attorney thinks that I will do 15 days actual and then be put on electronic monitoring. This was for a 3rd DUI with some other factors. During the pre-trial phase, I was in SORP with a scram ankle monitor and a GPS monitor for approx 140 days. Outside of 2 previous DUIs, no other criminal record.

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No one will want to say because there's no guarantee, but you will only do half time, less the custody credits. That said, you will likely do a small percentage of that.


Sounds to me your attorney arranged a good plea deal. Your attorney give you an educated guess and that is as close as anyone can get.

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Your attorney is in the best position to answer this question, although nobody can tell you exactly how much time you'll actually serve. I suggest listening to your attorney. Best of luck.

Jasen Nielsen

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