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Sales disqualified as a result of examination of the deed...?

Fort Myers, FL |

I live in Fort Myers, Florida. I defaulted on my mortgage in 2008-2009. I went through 3 modification trials periods in which I kept my end of the agreement by making all payments on time. I noticed that on the Lee County Property Appraisers Office that on 2/24/2012 -
Corrective deed, quit claim deed, or tax deed; Deed bearing Florida Documentary Stamp at the minimum rate prescribed under Chapter 201, F.S.; Transfer of ownership where no doc stamps were paid. - Link:

My question is on the 10/05/2012 date, they sold the house, but it looks like the sale was disqualified. I am asking what the message means under the 10/05/2012 date. Thanks for the help in advance.

We tried to work with the bank for 3 years (09-12) and the house went to auction and finally sold. I believe, as I did all along, that the bank did not have the original deed and now they are having trouble selling the house. If this is the case, do I have any grounds to go back on the bank for wrongful foreclosure?

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  1. It appears to me that the transfer by Special Warranty Deed was not accepted by the appraiser office since the correct stamps were not paid. Contact that office to clarify. If the transferee is not you, then it really does not affect you and would simply mean the trustee still holds title in the mind of the appraiser's office.

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