Sad and Disappointed ! What should I do or what action I can take if my lawyer isn't looking after my interests in a divorce?

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I hired my attorney to help me and take care of my interests in this long and difficult process of divorce, but so far I feel that He has not put a lot of interest in my case. My lawyer has made many mistakes that I have always justified, but really I'm tired of this, and I need to take action. How is possible that my attorney assumed the value of my house with my ex-husband's attorney without consulting it to me, and after my ex husband's lawyer wrote a final document called ''Stipulation and Waiver of Final Declaration of Disclosure'' to divide my house into a value that I do not agree. Also, they said that i need to sign it document because they have spent to much money and time doing this document.. My lawyer never asked me if I agreed with this value, and he simply assumed that if.

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He never answers my calls and my emails are delayed answer them. my lawyer has made many mistakes. right now, we are dividing retirement accounts and the house. On the other hand, he does not want to include the debt of my credit card, which I acquired during the marriage because according to him this lengthens more the case. My attorney has never taken the initiative to make the stipulation documents, or arrangements, everything has made my ex-husband's lawyer. I do not know if I can take action against my attorney? I paid to my lawyer $ 3,000.00 for start my divorce case. can I hire another attorney and what is the process for doing this? I really need help I am desperate and tired of writing to other lawyers on this website the questions that my lawyer did not answer!!

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  1. Adrienne Patricia Allen

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    Answered . If you are not happy with your current lawyer you can always change. However, I would not terminate your lawyer's services without first finding the new lawyer. You may not be able to find a new lawyer willing to take on your case at this late date and/or you may not be able to afford a new one. You can insist on a face to face meeting with your attorney (you will have to pay for this) and express your disappointment and state your needs. Good luck!

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  2. Joseph Jonathan Brophy

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    Answered . I hate to put it in such terms, but $3000 buys very little legal service. Your "long and difficult" divorce proceeding is out of proportion to what you are paying. If you want to get a lawyer's attention it helps if that lawyer is being paid. If you disagree with the stipulated value of the house, you are going to have to pay for an appraisal, and pay for legal time to renegotiate the stipulation. You can change lawyers any time, but you will still be responsible for whatever balance you owe your present lawyer, and you are going to have to come up with more than $3000 to retain a decent matrimonial lawyer. Moreover, your new lawyer will need to review the file to get up to speed. That will cost you, too. As the song goes, it's cheaper to keep her.

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  3. Hillary Johns

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    Answered . I agree. $3,000 sounds like a pretty inexpensive lawyer or retainer for services in a divorce case. I say this because I handle divorce cases in LA and I know how much they really cost. I don't know what exactly happened with you and your lawyer. It could be a communication issue or other issues. What I'd advise you to do is make an appointment with your current attorney to address your concerns and, if you can't come to an agreement, hire another lawyer.

    As for your family law case, I'm sorry that you're going through this. It's not unusual that people getting a divorce are unhappy although if you're not in agreement with the terms of the divorce then, yes, you should certainly hire another lawyer or consult with one who can advise you as to whether your expectations in this case are realistic. No lawyer on avvo can tell you if your lawyer is correct.

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