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Rough estimate of time to be served for burglary?

Laurel, MS |

My ex was arrested on 4/12 for public drunkenness. She was bonded out. On 4/26 she was arrested for burglary of an unoccupied dwelling house (x2) and possession of paraphernalia. She has yet to be bailed out and the bondsman will not bond again. While in jail she went to trial for 4/12 charge and got probation because its her 1st offense. She is still awaiting trial. I am just looking for some professional legal advice on just how much time she is looking at. Her bond was set at $10,500 with a bail of $1,500. She will only have access to a public defender because she has no money and her family will not help because of her drugs.

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She needs to talk to an attorney about the charges. Only after a careful review of the facts and circumstances would any advice be relevant and helpful. Any sentence will depend on the charges, any aggravating factors, prior record, etc.

I am licensed to practice law in VA, not your state. As such, I may be unaware of certain state laws; therefore, my response may be wrong or irrelevant. Please use my response for informational purposes only and contact a local attorney for legal advice.

Good luck.

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Presuming this is a first offense, for simple burglary, the convicted can expect to serve 3 to 25 years under the burglary statute.

This creates No attorney-client relationship. All persons are encouraged to consult with an attorney of their choosing for advice specific to their need(s).

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