Roommate on lease refuses to leave the apartment after lease has ended..

i am on a lease with my room mate. thing is i moved out during the term of the lease due to his drug use. all obligations of the lease were met and rent was paid on time by the room mate. i surrendered keys as of 9-21-12 and sent my land lord a notice of non renal on 4-8-13 ( the lease is up 4-30-13). now it is 5-10-13 and he is refusing to leave the property. the land lord issued a eviction notice and started legal proceedings. am i at all at fault for any of this?

Rochester, NY -

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Richard J. Chertock

Richard J. Chertock

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - Melville, NY

Did the landlord give you a release? If not it is possible that he will name you as a tenant in any summary proceeding to evict. You should consult with an attorney and see if you can negotiate a termination of lease for you as of the date of surrender of the keys by you before any action is commenced.

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Steven Warren Smollens

Steven Warren Smollens

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - New York, NY

Dear Rochester Tenant:

You may have taken the necessary and prudent steps to surrender your right to possession by moving out, turning in the keys and informing the landlord you will not renew the lease, but unless you receive a release from the landlord or an acknowledgment that you are not a tenant, then it is likely the landlord will name the tenants who originally signed the lease (that is you and your co-tenant) as the respondents in the summary holdover proceeding.

So you need an attorney to intervene for you to secure the landlord's release from all the lease obligations including the obligation to surrender the rented premises at the end of the lease.

Good luck.

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