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Robbery with a fire arm..

Ocala, FL |

my fiancée was arrested in January of this yr . and she was with a girlfriend of hers and they where in the car with the friends boyfriend and cousin . now the cousin and the boyfriend decide to get out of the car and rob someone apparently with a gun ( is what the report says ) and this is in Florida . but they robbed someone and my fiancée was in the car with the girlfriend the whole time and she was released that day after questioning her but later arrested her 3 days later for robbery with a firearm . . . and the sad thing is she has asked for a lawyer hasn't got one and its been since Jan . 9th 2013 . so she has been in jail with no lawyer and no idea whats going on . how can they do this ?

she had a court date for February 9th. but she wasnt even allowed to go then she received a letter saying her next hearing is on june 10th which i called and they even have that wrong they are telling me its june 7th. So what i think is that they have no clue on how to proceed with her case so far. But she still has a bond of 50,000 dollars which is 5 thousand if i was to pay that and i really dont have 5 grand at the moment. so what do i need to do here i know try and get a lawyer but other then that i dont know... thank you for your time

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  1. If she has been formally charged, and she has not bonded, then she would remain n custody. As far as a PD...has she applied? If so, the Public Defenders office will get to it. Remember, you get what you pay for. If you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney, they would have seen her weeks ago, and she would most likely be kept in the loop.

  2. Typically, she would have been assigned a Public Defender attorney at first arraignment. With three other people being arrested for the same charge, however, the PDO will only be able to keep one of the cases and conflict out of the other three. Plus, you run into the issue of whether or not the case has been filed by the state attorney by now, leading to a question of whether or not she should be ROR'd for failure to file charges during the time frame. You really should just start calling attorneys in that area (you can find many fine attorneys on this site). The sooner things are looked into, the better chances she has.

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