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Returning Items to a person whom has stored them here and made no effort and now wants the gifts she gave us back.

Brooksville, FL |

Some items were gift's and other items we are storing here for her. We have repeatdly asked her to remove her items with in ten days. No she never lived here i decided after an argument had happend that she was not going to be allowed here to live. We have picture's of the items placed in our home (xmas decorations) she had given my son since he was born christmas day. Also a police officer had called me and my husband and told us not to do anything damage wise to her clothing etc. Is there any way i can charge her a storage fee or possible throw these items away. Its been almost a month with no effort of her to come get her items. What about the gifted items do i have to give these back to her or could she take me to small claims for the gifts?
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The other party is my mother-in-law.

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Here it would be easier to work this out without the courts involved. Too much money is spent on heartache where getting rid of this is just plain easier. If you give it up, what can you gain in return (peace, quiet, leverage for the next dispute?). Take Care!

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