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Asked over 5 years ago - Denver, CO

I recently terminated my lawyer due to complete lack of communciation and am searching for a new one. An Order has been entered by the Court granting his withdrawal. I have met/contacted many other attorneys but continue to be declined representation. I feel like I'm somewhat at a lose and am not sure how to proceed from here. Please advise if you know of any law firms or other resources (besides the Bar referral) that I can use.

Thank you so much for your time.

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    Answered . I hate it when people answer a question WITH a question.

    However, why did you terminate the attorney? I have had clients terminate me after I gave them some very hard truths about their cases. Communication requires not just talking but listening on both sides. In the few cases in which I have been terminated in my 20 years in practicing law, I did not feel as though I had lost much. That is why you are having a hard time finding a new lawyer. Lawyers are reluctant to take someone on who has terminated the previous attorney.

    Having said that, do some research and find an attorney and/or law firm with a very good reputation in cases similar to yours. For example, medical malpractice attorneys may not be the best for a car accident. Good divorce attorneys may not be the best for a wrongful termination case.

    Initial consultations in the personal injury area are nearly always free. Ask the lawyer what experience they have in cases similar to yours. Has s/he taken them to trial? Has s/he settled them? In what general dollar amount range? (No 2 cases are alike and so do not expect a precise answer but listen to the factors that are discussed.)

    I am not in your jurisdiction, and so maybe I can answer this question best. I have nothing to gain or lose.

    But, I know that there are some outstanding trial attorneys in the Denver area. Give them a chance. Do not assume that your case is a gift to the attorney. Assume that the attorney will need to do a very great deal of work to refine and pursue your case, especially as "number two" on your case.

    I am not certain why you reject the "Bar referral." Again, I am not familiar with the referral folks in your state. However, some of the best cases I have handled in my career were referred to me by county bar associations and/or through other attorney associations in which I have been priveleged to have been a member. The reason is that the referral associations know which attorneys are best in what particular areas and they can generally have a better approach at matching attorneys with certain "skill sets" with clients with specific types of cases. They would not refer a case to me if I had never handled a similar matter before. But, they know the types of cases that I have handled with success and so when those matters cross their desk, my card and phone number, hopefully anyhow, come to the top.

    I wish you the best of luck.

  2. Answered . You can use and you can go to Look for attorneys who focus their practice in the area of personal injury with high ratings such as 10.0 or AV. I wish you the best.

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