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Hi, I recently got a ticket in Wicomico County driving 90 in a 65 zone in a also 3 hours of drive to my graduation ceremony. I got my first ticket 16 months ago since 8/17/2009. Today I decided to check if the citation was in the Maryland Court System, but I found out that the Case Status is "RESTRICTED CASE (OFFICER-ID INVALID)" I still have the original ticket and I can't read the Officer Signature at all.

Two Questions

Can the officer correct his signature on the ticket to correct the case status?

What are the chances that I go to court with or without a lawyer on my circumstances?

Many Thanks,

I forgot to add that the cop is a state trooper in a unmarked plum like color car and he caught me while he was driving. The violation time was at 6:57am.

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The Case Status means nothing. If the ticket is proper then it is a valid ticket. The Officer ID Invalid simply means that when it was put in the docket and onto CaseSearch, they left that blank, it does not affect anything.
As for your chances in court, you should contact an attorney that does traffic work in the area.

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