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Restraining order/order to show cause

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ive just entered into a nasty divorce and my soon to be ex and i had an agreed plan with our son until the paper work got sorted, thats when she took him for a weekend and never returned ive since been served with a restraining order and temp parenting plan. how do i contest her allegation at court? she says im violent and i stalk her wich is not true and quite the opposite she has 2 D.V.s since being with me(i was an abused husband)i go to court to contest in 3 weeks plz help!

i just want my son back she is homeless/couch surfing with an alcohol problem my son should not be with her

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Please go find a family law/DV defense attorney that you trust and like. The DVRO and the plan that excludes you can be contested with PROOF of her convictions and an attorney. This is not self help law no matter how obvious it seems to be. The best attorney I know for reversing DV allegations that are tactical not real is Jennifer Apitz in Auburn. You can reach her at 206 321 7072.

Hope this helps. Elizabeth Powell

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It is important to retain an experienced family law attorney with whom you feel comfortable as soon as possible as meeting time requirements is very important.

The judge or court commissioner is unlikely to know you or your spouse. Therefor, you need to gather information and provide it to your attorney as soon as possible. In matters such as this, the court's decision will be based upon the facts that are presented to the court. An experienced attorney can assist you in obtaining and presenting information and arguing your case.

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