Restoration of gun rights for non-violent felon?

Asked about 1 year ago - Greeley, CO

I received three OWI's in the state of Michigan resulting in a felony conviction. I lost a majority of my civil rights but have managed to regain some of these such as the right to vote. However, it is my understanding that regardless of Michigan restoring my gun rights, Colorado will bar me from exercising this right. In addition, I believe I will be in violation of federal law also. I perceive this as a gross violation of liberty, furthermore an attack on my and every American's constitutional rights. Is there any sort of constitutional argument to be pursued, options, avenues? I am willing to hire competent counsel. Does anyone care anymore about what is going on in this country? 1 in 3 people under the age of 23 will be arrested according to Pediatrics, this is an epidemic.

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    Answered . It is quite likely that you will not be able to restore your gun rights in CO or federally due to the felony conviction in MI. That is one of the problems with a felony conviction - you can't bear arms or vote any longer. So, your research is correct that CO and the federal government will likely bar you from possessing guns regardless of what you do in MI. I understand your concerns. However, this is what the state and federal legislatures have created and the US Supreme Court has upheld their decisions. All of the constitutional rights are limited in nature. Freedom of speech is NOT absolute - you can't yell fire in a crowded theater. The right to bail is not absolute - the Aurora Movie Theater shooter can be held on no bail. So, constitutional arguments have been tried in the past and have fallen on deaf ears.

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    Answered . You have raised important issues here, Greeley. Procedures for restoration of the right to bear arms vary widely from state to state and are also governed by federal law. Your best bet is to use the Find a Lawyer tab on this page. Look for criminal and constitutional lawyers who have have experience in post conviction relief. It is a narrow, highly specialized area.

    I wish the best here. The statistics you mention are alarming.

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