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Restitution.. lost in the system?

Brentwood, TN |

I was involved in an automobile accident in which my friend was killed. I was charged with involuntary manslaughter and to pay a restitution of approx. $30,000 to cover the expenses that his family incurred. They did not sue nor did they ask for any recourse citing the fact that we were friends and they believed it was an accident. My insurance covered the total cost of all expenses and therefore the restitution from what I was told. I consulted with an attorney and we wrote a letter which included proof of payment to the family and submitted it to my probation officer and to the DA in Wyoming where I was sentenced. This was back in 1998. From what I recall they stated that it was paid in full and that I did not owe the restitution.

I did some research and came across this: 2010 Wyoming Code Title 7 - Criminal Procedure Chapter 9 - Victim Restitution Chapter 9 - Victim Restitution 7-9-103. Determination of amount owed; execution. (f) The defendant shall be given credit against his restitution obligation for payments made to the victim by the defendant's insurer for injuries arising out of the same facts or event.

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Unless this has come up to harm you in some way the information you have posted seems to indicate that you made your restitution and the file is closed.

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