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Resolving A Business Dispute With A Public Figure. How can I file to get a judgment or garnishment?

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Two years ago, I established entities for a public figure of which I am the sole officer on the filings so that he could transact and collect payments from various entertainment companies. He opted not to transact under his name to avoid tax levies and judgments. Within two years, he gained better financial standing thus securing multi-million dollar deals under other names which I am not affiliated. As a result, he has left me with unpaid taxes and bills and overdrawn bank accounts.

I need assistance in resolving the debts amassed by his business dealings and securing my interest in current and future business dealings has attached any the corporations to.

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You file a lawsuit in the jurisdiction of the defendant. Do not even consider doing this yourself. You need to hire an attorney.

This answer is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice regarding your question and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

Kevin Samuel Sullivan

Kevin Samuel Sullivan


you need to hire a lawyer immediately to review your case and the collection issues. good luck.


You will not be able to get any specific information or advise on any website because an attorney will need to review the relevant documents and all of the information in detail, and then, possibly, do some investigation, before being able to tell you whether you have a viable lawsuit. If addition, if more than two years has elapsed, some types of lawsuits may be barred by applicable Statutes of Limitations.


I agree that you need to consult with a business litigation attorney to determine whether you have a case. I am concerned however, that you describe being part of a scheme with the public figure to avoid taxes and judgments. You may run up against a rule that the courts do not assist those who lose money in a fraudulent enterprise.
But there may be mitigating factors and some creative ways to make you whole. Find a savvy attorney and see what he or she thinks.

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Consult with a business litigation attorney who may be able to file a complaint against the public figure on your behalf with claims for fraud, negligent misrepresentation, and perhaps breach of contract.

Many business litigation attorneys on this website offer free consultations.

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