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Asked almost 2 years ago - Albany, GA

My doctors office won't give me my records at my psychiatrist office they won't even allow for me to come there this is for medical malpractice they don't know it my attorney that is handling it his office secretary said they can't request them can an attorney request them?

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i was prescribed medication that caused permanent damage my attorneys office told me to tell them they have a certain amount of days to give it to me they won't give me my records because the owner of the building isn't there she is on vacation but the thing is she is not even a doctor she just owns the building and is the administrator i have never seen a landlord i have to wait on them to get medical records hes not really my attorney just an attorney that is interested in my case

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    Answered . You must address this issue with your attorney. I am sorry, but there's no other way to assist you here.

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    Answered . If you have an attorney, you must discuss this issue with him or her. If you sign a HIPAA compliant authorization permitting your attorney to get your records, generally, your attorney should be able to get copies of them. If your doctor is refusing to give you copies of your medical records, your attorney has remedies at Court because your doctor is violating the Federal HIPAA laws. Good luck.

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    Answered . Your attorney or you can send them a signed HIPAA form and get the records.

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