Renting to own a home that is not up to code.

Asked over 1 year ago - Beckley, WV

This property was not supervised and assessed when it was built. NOTHING is up to code. Not the plumbing, electric, the house is CROOKED and is not built on the proper foundation. We have put SO MUCH MONEY and time into fixing it up. Our contract said buy "as is" (meaning not finished, no doors, trim, etc.) We signed the contract before knowing this. There is no stink pipe also. There was no outlets for a stove or washing machine, which we have since installed. The walls do not meet the floors. The HOUSE is on cinder block pillars which are just sitting on the ground. I'm sure there are more problems, but we are encountering them as we go. Please tell me what we can do!

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We put $5000 down and have been paying 425 a month since last June. We were TOLD that everything was up to code and that it passed inspection (which it clearly did not).. as I said, the pipes are laying on the ground underneath the house, with continuous leaks and drips. Was written in the contract that if we broke the lease, any and all monies paid and used to buy improvements for the house, which exceeds $3000 by my records, is fore-fitted. We are constantly stressed out as something goes wrong EVERY DAY! I'm scared to do anything because I can't lose all that money, but I can not afford to keep fixing this house! There is also no form of heat, other than a heater we use. Most of our furniture sits on little gravels so that it sits level with the rest of the house.

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  1. Thomas J Callahan

    Contributor Level 18

    Answered . Before spending another dime, please contact a local real estate attorney. Buyer beware is a general rule, and you should have had the house professionally inspected before signing an "as is" contract, but you may still have a claim for material misrepresentation. This is not a situation you are going to fix on your own. Please speak to an attorney.

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