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Rented Uhaul for local use. My husband, common law, took it, cleaned out the storage unit, took to San Antonio. 800 bill.

Irving, TX |

Married common law. He went to work in San Antonio and he found someone else.He called, said he wasn't coming back, Left me with absolutely nothing. I had to move in with a friend. He came back to Dallas October 4th and up until 2 weeks ago, I had been staying with him at the motel he's working at. Rented the Uhaul to take stuff to swap meet,I didn't think he would do something stupid. He took my belongings I had before this marriage thing as well as his, to San Antonio. Did bring the truck back but left an 800 bill. I have no job because of him, no money. He transferred a motorcycle title into his name in Minnesota without my knowing it, it was in my name, registered here He's played me mentally an emotionally for 3 years. I have supported this man up until we moved back to Texas.

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You didn't ask a question, but I will take a guess and answer that you can divorce him and seek to get your things back as well as seek an equitable distribution of the marital estate. A lawyer would be advised to help you with this process.

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