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Asked almost 2 years ago - Plainfield, NJ

I'm a landlord in a rent controlled city in NJ. My tenant's lease is up on 6/30/13 and renews on a month to month basis. In my lease it states that I may notify them of any proposed lease changes or increase atleast 60 days prior to the end of the lease. I am currently past that date. Can I still give then a notice that I am ending the prior lease and increasing the rent (amount given by the city) sixty days from the end of the lease? So their rent would increase as of 8/1/13. Is that okay? If it is okay, and they decide not to pay the increase, do they have to move out?

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    Answered . If the lease converts into a month to month after it expires then you only need to give one month's notice of the new terms as of July 1. Assuming you serve the notice to quit and increase of rent by July 1 that should be good. If they decide not to pay then you have to go throught the process as outlined in the Anti Eviction Act to get them out.

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    Answered . You really can't get more concise than Mr. Schutz' answer. Be advised - your rent increase must be reasonable.

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