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Removing a post from a website

Dallas, TX |

A person I know posted false things about me on a website. After sometime, that person contacted the webmaster to have the posting removed, but the webmasters don't allow the content to be removed.

The website claims that once things are posted, then they won't remove it. What can be done in such a situation to have the posting deleted?

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This subject came up at a legal conference I attended recently. I do not have a "legal" solution to the problem, but I would recommend that if the website will not take down the original post, ask the website to post the request from the person who originally posted the false information along side the original message. At least this may have the effect of showing the public that the information was false, and the person has withdrawn the statements.

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Thank you for the reply. The problem I am facing is, the person who posted the remarks has contacted the webmaster and have requested the post to be removed. The person has also give the contact details including phone numbers so that the webmaster can verify the claim. But the webmaster is not bothering to respond to this.

Bruce Robert Millar

Bruce Robert Millar


You may want to consider contacting a lawyer in your jurisdiction and have a demand sent to the Webmaster informing him/her that by refusing to remove the comments or publish the retraction, the webmaster is risking liability for libel.



No laywer is willing to address the case for me. Also from what I have read and researched, the "Communications Decency Act", section 230, the website is completely immune from any lawsuit. There is nothing that can be done. It's sad that anybody can start a website/blog, allow people to post things about others and everybody gets away with it. A person with not enough money, cannot afford to file the case due to the expenses involved.

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