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Removing a father from the birth certificate, please help

Los Angeles, CA |
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My daughters father is in prison for child molestation and has already had his parental rights terminated by the courts. The courts have also changed her last name to mine, and put a restraining order in place where he can not attempt any contact with either of us. I just found out that in CA you are able to remove a father from the birth certificate depending on the reason. How would I go about doing this? I am not waiting to put anybody else on the birth certificate, thank you.

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    You have to have a court order. Get a family court date. Go to court and try to convince the judge. To have better luck you should hire an attorney. Take that court order to the vital records department where the birth certificate is housed in your local gov.

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  2. You state you have an order already. See the link below for more details on how to change the birth certificate.