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Remit corporation has put a judgment on my bank account. How do I get it removed?

Cogan Station, PA |
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I called Remit to settle this judgement, they informed me that the judgement can not be removed until I pay the debt in full. I tried to explain to them that all my money is in this account and I won't be able to pay bills until the judgement is removed. I applied for a credit card, was approved, but I will need to wait until it comes in to pay the debt off with Remit. I also explained this to Remit and they still will not remove the judgement. What do I do? My checking account is not in the negative making this even more difficult.

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You need to speak with an attorney in the Pennsylvania area to advise you of your options. Bankruptcy might be a possibilit for you or you may have the attorney negotiate some sort of payment arrangements. You may also have some state law exemptions that are available to you so you can get the account unfrozen. Either way, you need to seek a consumer protection/bankruptcy lawyer in your area to advise you of the laws and remedies.

Posting questions and receiving general answers does not substitute for consulting with a licensed attorney admitted to practice in the jurisdiction in which you live. The answer posted is intended for general education and in no way constitutes an attorney/client relationship. Please consult a competent attorney in your jurisdiction to fully discuss your situation.

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Sounds like a Remit filed a writ of execution with garnishment interrogatories address to your bank. You should have received a copy of this writ (served by a sheriff) along with lengthy forms which allow you to have an exemption hearing. You need to fill out those forms and request such hearing. If the judge sides with you, the court can force Remit to dissolve the garnishment and release your funds.

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Getting a judgment removed/vacated can be tough. As a previous poster suggested, you may have exemptions. What was the underlying alleged debt/matter? I have personal experience with this collector, so feel free to call my office.

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