Remedies for reduction of restitution fines for a disabled person

I have a restitution hold on my car registration in AZ. The restitution comes from non-payment of fines from a old DUI in 2005. I am unemployed. There is no way I can make payments. I have no income. I have never worked and I never will. What do I do?

Mesa, AZ -

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Robert Francis Gruler Jr.

Robert Francis Gruler Jr.

Criminal Defense Attorney - Scottsdale, AZ

The Court will not accept that conclusion and require you to do something to satisfy your obligation. Whether that be a small monthly payment or community service, it will require you to make an appearance in front of a Judge. The fact that you have a vehicle and the ability to afford gas to drive that vehicle (and access to a computer) indicate that you must have some means. The Court will work with you in reviewing your finances and setting up a payment plan, but may require you to pay a down payment since the case is so old. Go to the Court, explain your situation, tell the front desk you are walk in, and try to get in front of a Judge.

Stephen Ross Cohen

Stephen Ross Cohen

Criminal Defense Attorney - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Appear in front of the judge and explain your problems.

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