Relocation dismissed not even a month ago and custodial parent reapplies for relocation

Custodial parent applied to relocate with child to a state far off from NJ giving minmal visitation to non custodial parent (mother) Child extremely bonded with mother and maternal family all living 4 mins of each other. Judge dismissed stating it would be inimical to child's best interest. Now less than a month after dismissal he reapplied showing good schools good housing (not purchased) his fiancee having a job in state to relocate, giving a little better parenting plan to NCP but he does not have a job...He filed an OTSC which got converted to a regular motion. NCP is stable fit and fully available to child, full support system, grandparents and full maternal family, child is 8 and regularly states she wants to live with mother. Great school district and friends of child in NJ...

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Yolanda Navarrete

Yolanda Navarrete

Family Law Attorney - Morristown, NJ

Based on your facts it sounds like you should cross motion for custody.

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Brad Michael Micklin

Brad Michael Micklin

Family Law Attorney - Nutley, NJ

Before I address the question, here are links to 2 articles you should : 4 Key Any Parent Should Know about Custody Cases in New Jersey: ( ) and Bauers v. Lewis ( New Jersey factors for relocation)-

There are 2 types of custody: legal and physical.  Legal custody is which parent makes the important decisions concerning the child such as religious, medical and educational decisions.  Physical custody is where the child resides most of the time.  Both types of custody are generally "joint" but that does not mean equal.  

Custody decision are decided based upon what is in the child's best interest.

When you respond will depend upon whether or not you were divorced from the custodial parent or only share the child in common. The papers you received should explain the timeframe by which you need to respond.

Do not rely on the previous application having been denied because it sounds like the new application has corrected many oversights and errors in the initial application.

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Anthony J Van Zwaren

Anthony J Van Zwaren

Child Abuse Lawyer - Clifton, NJ

As Mr. Micklin notes there are many factors a judge will look at in deciding whether to approve a motion to relocate. Certainly distance is a factor, being much harder to visit a child in California than Pennsylvania, but these days there are many forms of contact, including Skype and other forms of electronic communications that a judge may rely upon to ensure contact. Of course, it all boils down to the child's best interests, and I think that the father would have to prove that he has the means. Can't just say that employment is better, but must prove he is capable of support. A fiance having a job is no guarantee because the fiance has no legal responsibility to provide for your child. You definitely need to consult with an attorney.

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