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Relocating to another country with my child.

Vernon, NY |

I have a 7 month old child with my soon to be ex, he lives in chicago with his wife, i am currently out of status, we was supposed to fix that but i was stupid enough to believe him 4 years ago that he would leave his wife.... I wish to leave and return to my home country, he refuses to let my child come with me and says if i go i will NEVER see my child again. He has seen her twice since she was born for a total of 7 days, never once fed her, changed a diaper or bathed her, her held her for approx 3 min interavals maybe 5 or 6 times during his two visits. I have no intentions of keeping him from her, he is welcome to come visit whenever he has the money and is welcome to call her everyday if he wants Will a judge take all that i have said here into account and let me take her home with me

The country i come from is Australia by the way, so it is expensive to fly there, so i would assume the judge would want to know that also.

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