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Release Immigration Holds???

Lancaster, CA |

My fiance is on parole and got violated. He took care of it but somebody turned him in to Immigration and they picked him up. He's at James A Musick Honor Farm in Irvine. No bond. Court on Jan 13. No money for lawyer. I'm american and can marry him in the jail they said. His daughter american too. His parole officer is way cool with him. He has a drug problem. In the past he committed crimes to support his habit. But today mostly just possession stuff. How do we get him out on the 13th? Or atleast transferred back to Lancaster with his family until we figure it out? PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP US.

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What is his immigration status? What is his conviction record?

Please view the video below and ask your question again.

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He needs legal representation.


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More information is needed. How many times has he been convicted? When was he convicted? What were the reasons for the conviction or convictions?

In many of these situations, but not all, a good faith marriage to a U.S. Citizen will not prevent a deportation.

You may want to find a way to hire an attorney to determine whether he will ever be able to lawfully return to the U.S., again. Also, which are the consequences for the crime of unlawful re-entry. You may want to locate a legal aid center that has attorneys who practice immigration law, where you qualify for such assistance.

The above is general information and does not create an attorney client relationship.

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