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Relatives Death no reading of will, how to find out if there was unclaimed inheritance?

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My grandparents were both ill a few years back. While visiting, my Grandfather tried to gift me something of Grandmother's. Since she was still alive but suffered from Alz I didn't feel right taking the token then. She only survived him by less than a year and I do not live close. The executor was another relative and a good man, but it was very busy and sad. I can ask about the token reminder gift though idr which it was. They had a few grown kids, but my Mom died before her parents, so her portion would to her children. (depending on will) OR....just between remaining direct children?
How do I find out if there was a disbursement from the account and if in accordance with the wishes of the deceased? Also what of the belongings? Vehicle, personal items etc. If not specified what happen

Attorney Answers 2

  1. The first thing I would do is check the court website or call the court clerk to see if a probate was ever filed for either your grandfather or grandmother's estates. If not, contact your relative who was named executor and ask him what the status of the estate is and about the token gift.

  2. Ask the executor for a copy of the will and ask if a probate matter was filed with the court. If no matter was filed, then you could proceed and probate the estate if needed. If a probate matter was filed, then you need to request an accounting and also suggest that you file a request for notice with the probate court.

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