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Relating green card, asylum and an illegal convicted friend. i feel like being used.

Los Angeles, CA |

I have a friend who keep chasing me to be his girlfriend, he use my name for primary contact when he got caught of identity fraud (he plead nolo but still he is convicted and got a probation status), and another one for his ISAP/ICE case for being illegal. Since i do mind somebody using my name for such purpose, i call the isap officer and let them know i dont want my name to be put there. I am an asylee and next month is my time for applying my green card, would that affect me if he is a convicted, has been spreading news to the officer that i am his grifriend, he went to my house almost everyday for almost 3 months (considering he use the bracelet GPS)? and to let you know, i am NOT involved in anything he did, at the end i refuse to accept visit/call fr him anymr.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. It shouldn't. You apply on your own merits for your green card and good moral character. Can't be guilty by association.

  2. His bad behaviors will have no impact on you other than the fact that he's obviously overstepping your boundaries. I'm sorry he's causing you so much stress and complicating your life.

  3. Have you thought about getting a civil restraining order to keep him away from your residence and from you?

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