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Registered sex offender dating someone with a young child who knows about offense and legal status

Lagrange, GA |

Felony Probation (convicted of "sexual battery")
First Offender
Have a stable job
Had a psychosexual evaluation upon being charged with a 12% "re-offence risk"
Have known partner and family for over 7 years, looking at possibility of marriage and moving in together and legal steps that should be taken to avoid probation violation.

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First, nothing further should be said on this forum about this, because anything said hereon may be used against the Sex Off. if their probation officer (PO) finds out about the situation. Second, I advise not doing anything that would be a violation of probation, because Ga courts don't look too favorably upon recidivist SOs (even if the new offense is not sexual in nature). Third, depending on the particular facts, there may be the possibility of getting a modification of the sentence, but unless the District Attorney's Office and/or the PO are willing to go along with it within reason, the odds of that happening may be slim. Also, keep in mind that unless the situation is in the best interests of the child, it may not be wise to push things too far. Good luck.

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All comments and questions posted here are hypothetical in nature, of course. If the situation is beneficial to the child as the child's biological father is on felony drug probation and still using, also he has no rights to the child as they were not married. I know that there are no restrictions on whom a sex offender marries, so if married, what would the implications as be for that, if any?



I apologize for my grammar, by the way. I'm using a phone browser.


Unfortunately, the sex offender may be a good person overall and the offense may have been long ago, but choices of the past can definitely affect the future. It is like being punished for life for a single incident if the incident was sexual in nature. My recommendation is that the offender do everything he or she can through the courts to get permission, or else just wait until the minor child is no longer a minor. If no permission is given, then he or she must just bear the scarlet P with as much dignity as possible. I agree with the other attorney about discussing this case. You do not want to be in violation of parole. I'm assuming the sexual battery was against a minor. If not, perhaps that would be an avenue to explore with the courts. I can tell you one thing for sure, the partner with the child could be facing some serious music in a custody battle in family court if he or she is allowing a felony sex convict around the child, especially one who abused children in the past. The more loving thing the convict can do, if this is a potentiality, is to keep a safe distance.

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