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Regarding the new deferred action: are people risking deportation if they apply but do not qualify?

South Gate, CA |

I do not refer to people who apply fraudulently. I ask for those who just don't happen to meet all the requirements or are otherwise denied for whatever reason. Which leads me to ask: If they DO meet ALL the requirements, is there ANY REASON they could STILL BE DENIED?

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  1. Not to my understanding, no.

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  2. There is always a risk ... meet with an attorney before filing anything.

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  3. DACA or deferred action for Childhood Arrivals has been established under prosecutorial discretion. That means that there is a possiblity that based on lack of evidence, incomplete applications and./or other reasons that the department can ultimately reject the application. If there is no fraud involved, but are just missing documents, you may be called in to an interview. However, ultimately, they are not required to provide an interview to the applicant. Thus, I would advise that you speak to an attorney and review your case before filing.

  4. I agree with my colleagues.

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