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I was wondering, if the father refuses to give out his physical address, is it against court rules that I won't let him see the children until he provides the address? ( the reason I'm asking is cause he has brought the children back, late before like over 30mins. And the second thing he moved and won't provide me with a new address if I need to mail him papers for court.) And if there is a law in court that states that parents must provide a current address under what code?. Thank you. Also this is in WA state.

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  1. Jay W. Neff

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    Answered . Often there is language in the parenting plan and child support order to the effect that each parent has to keep the other up to date on addresses. Regardless, if one parent insists on keeping his or her address a secret, you are likely to need to file a motion with the court to force him to disclose it. The court should then require it, unless he has a good reason not to disclose it. You will probably want to consult with an attorney about putting together such a motion.

  2. Dave Hawkins


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    Answered . A PP is a court order and must be followed. If you have concerns, you must file a motion to address those concerns, which could be a motion to suspend visitation until he complies, rather than engaging in self-help by ignoring a court order.

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  3. Bruce Clement


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    Answered . Normally the parenting plan or court rules require each parent to keep the other advised of their address. If that's not the case here, you may have to file a motion to add this requirement. You might also consider a motion for contempt for violations of the parenting plan (late returns). It’s always best to consult with a good family law attorney to discuss the details before you act. See my AVVO Legal Guides on parenting plans, motions to clarify, and motions for contempt for more information about the legal issues raised by your inquiry. Please keep in mind that although these Legal Guides are often informative, they are no substitute for legal advice from an attorney you have retained for consultation or representation. There are always exceptions to the general rules. Click on my photo. On my AVVO home page click on "Contributor Level - View Contributions" or scroll down further and click on "Contribution - Legal Guides." Scroll down the list of my 31 Legal Guides and select the topics relevant to your question. If you like my answer and Legal Guides, please make sure you mark them as “helpful” or “best answer”. © Bruce Clement

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