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I applied to two private schools and was offered thousands on scholarship. I later found out a program in which because of a disability I have I was able to have my education financed , however I was told that in order to become accepted that I must forfeit the scholarship and both private schools because they would only fund me for schooling that was apart of the SUNY system. I did as I was asked and found a suny school , now that I found one they are telling me that they I am not eligible. I lost over 16000 dollars in a scholarship. I want to know if I have a case.

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  1. Glenn Johnston

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    Answered . Dear asker, your question is a little difficult to understand.
    It sounds like SUNY was offering a scholarship to you, based on a disability, and you were insisting that the scholarship go to a private school, or was this part of the State's 529 pre-paid college fund?
    In either case, this is too fact specific to give you an answer, but I would recommend that you sit down with an education attorney on the matter.

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  2. Golnar Sargeant

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    Answered . What is your legal question? You have not posed any questions. A case for what?

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  3. Randy Jay Harvey

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    Answered . As my colleagues have noted, it is difficult to understand what you may be asking. Here are two things you should know: Scholarships are different from having your colleges financed. The former is money that they GIVE you for school, the later is money they LOAN you for school. In the education market place you are going to have many options and should get good advice from a person who is familiar with higher education programs before making long term decisions. It sounds like you are upset that you had a good offer for scholarships to two private schools but then somebody advised you that you could get your college fully financed if you went to a SUNY school, and then that fell through. Happens all the time, and it is not illegal. You thought you could get a bigger better deal so you let go of the first offer for scholarships and went after what you thought was a better deal and it didn't work out.
    You likely can apply for the scholarships again in the next academic cycle, but it is not guaranteed.
    You may want to consult an educational attorney or perhaps talk to a admission counselor at one or all of the colleges you are interested to explore options for getting your school funded.
    I wish you well.

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