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My mother was discharged from nursing home in mid-month (April) to hospital ER, and then to hospice where she passed away a short time later. She was under Medicaid LT care . Nursing home was paid through end of April (with her SS funds from March). How do they handle refund? Back to SS? Sent to her estate/next of kin? Must they await Medicaid info first? SS should be notified by funeral home this week. I have not yet contacted nursing home business office. Thank you very much.

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Lars A. Lundeen

Lars A. Lundeen

Personal Injury Lawyer - Rutland, VT

I suggest you contact the local Medicaid office and pose this question directly to someone familiar with how the program operates. You may also want to review the contract in existence between your mother and the nursing home. I am pretty confident that any unused portion of a Medicaid payment would be returned to Medicaid and not go to the estate.

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Christian K. Lassen II

Christian K. Lassen II

Personal Injury Lawyer - Philadelphia, PA

A local lawyer would need to review the contract.

Kenneth Lee LaBore

Kenneth Lee LaBore

Nursing Home Abuse / Neglect Lawyer - Minneapolis, MN

I am sorry for your loss.

You need to look at the nursing home contract, which may be monthly. There may or may not be a refund due and who it is payable is probably the payor, so in this case Medicaid.

I would ask the business office and they should answer your questions.

Good luck.

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