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Red-light violation, right turn at a "No turn on red sign"

Chicago, IL |

Got a ticket in the mail with pictures showing I'm turning right on a red light. Checked google map and found indeed there is a No Turn On Right sign. But it's posted about 6 feet behind the white line, that's why I didn't see it when I stopped at the white line. So basically, I couldn't see the sign when I'm at the red light and turned right.

Is it possible to get dismissed because this is my first time of any violation? Should I request a in-person hearing, or should I just pay the $100? I was driving my husband's car, both of us are on the insurance policy. Can I go to the hearing without him? Because he is out of town. Normally, how much would the insurance increase? Thanks!

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If, as I suspect, the ticket is payable to the Chicago Department of Revenue, it is not a moving violation and will not affect your driving record or insurance if you pay. My advice would be to pay it unless the online video shows you entering on yellow.

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